Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sitting around on Sunday

Last Saturday, I did something that I am very excited about. 

In reality,  all I did was take a cross-stitch that I completed to the framer; something I've done dozens of times. What is so special about this one you ask? Well, it's the first time I've ever had something framed for myself. I've made many many things. Quilts, cross-stitched items,  knitted things,  but pretty much the only things that get completed are the ones that I give away.  

Don't get me wrong,  I have purses, scarves, a hat and a pillow case that I made for myself,  but until my trip to Phoenix,  in February,  to visit my friend Stella, I had never completed a quilt for myself.  And now, my first cross-stitch.

 For clarification, my definition of "complete", means to the point that nothing else can be done to the project.  For me, a quilt isn't truly finished until I and sew the label on it. A cross stitch isn't completed until I have it framed. So even though I've stitched a ton of patterns and completed the patterns, I've never had one framed for myself. So that's why I am very excited about this. 

Here is what I dropped off. She's the Emerald Mermaid by Nora Corbett of Mirabilia. The picture really doesn't do it any justice. There are a bunch of beads and she's quite sparkly.   I can't wait to see it officially framed and finished!

It's that time again!!  Barbara at Catpatches is hosting her monthly NewFO challenge! 

And continuing with my mermaid theme, my NewFO for August is a black work Mermaid (well actually green work).

  I've actually gotten much further with her, but didn't get a chance to take a picture yet. Maybe tomorrow before I do any more work on her, I'll take one of the progress.

Our friend, Dave, went in for a heart valve replacement, and after the surgery, he suffered a stroke. He's doing ok, but has lost the majority of function of his right and left arm. He has some hard work ahead of him, so to keep him company during his stay at the rehab center, when his family and friends aren't able to be with him, I made this teddy bear. Dave is a big University of Michigan fan, so I found this cute, bandana style, Michigan fabric. So a NewFO and a finish!!
 This is Dave and his wife Marcia with their new friend.

I also started two donation vests for one of the dog rescues that I support. The dogs wear these at rescue events and collect donations. The lettering is painted on. First I make a stencil, then I paint them, then I sew.

They asked me to make one to fit a puppy. Since I didn't have a puppy, I used  a couple of my cats as a size guide. Lilly wasn't exactly thrilled to model the finished puppy vest. "It says 'DOG' on it, Mom, Do I look like a DOG to you?"  Sorry sweet Lilly, but you were there and I couldn't resist.

Here in Florida, we have tons of lizards. I like them. Even if the ones you mostly see are the invasive, Brown Anoles. They have chased away the pretty Green Anoles from most of the populated areas. You can still find them occasionally in wooded areas, but around our house, it's the brown ones. I think it's adorable to find them sleeping in my plants at night. I like to walk around when I let the dogs out to potty, and try to find the lizards in their sleeping spots. It's like a nightly treasure hunt. What an exciting life I lead.  :)
This one is a little too big for the leaf she has chosen. She sleeps here almost every night since she was just a baby. (I know it's a girl, because she has a red head).

I almost didn't see this little guy, hiding in the pineapple.

And another little girl in the outer edge of our Orange tree. There were quite a few in the tree, and a couple of baby tree frogs. Hopefully, they will all eat, whatever little creepy bugs have been eating at our tree! See the leaf to the upper right?
Speaking of tree frogs, I didn't have any way to scale this guy, but he's almost 4 inches long! I was all excited about having such a big bug eater around, until I discovered that he too, is an invasive species. He's actually a Cuban tree frog and in addition to the bugs, he will also eat the smaller, native, White's tree frog. 

  Today, I dropped off my Dad's sewing machine. An antique Domestic (which I forgot to take pictures of - DOH!), at Ember Sewing Machines to be checked out and tuned up. Here's one corner of their shop.  They repair, refurbish and also sell sewing machines. I love this place.

Oliver says that this post is almost as long as he is, so I should stop and go to bed. 

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy