Friday, November 30, 2012

Nov. NewFo

Wow, my posts are getting few and far between. We had, I think, two days off for the whole month of October and I honestly have no clue where November went. Is tomorrow really the first of December? It just can't be. I mean, I know everyone is playing Christmas music and I see lights up already, albeit, not at my house, but I just can't get a handle on it being December yet. 

I wanted to be sure I didn't miss out on the November NewFo party!

Here are a few items I started  this month.  I actually started and finished 3 Christmas gifts this month! I know, they are simple pillowcases, but with all that's been going on here, that's still an accomplishment for me.

First are the pillowcases, for my two nephews and my niece (who don't read this blog). The oldest, Blake, is a senior in High School, but has a love affair with wolves. A boy after my own heart.

The other two are both University of Florida Gators fans (even though they were born and live in Tennessee). So I made them each a Gator pillowcase. 

This one is for Luke.

And this one is for Holly.

It's a little hard to see, but there is a blue trim piece and a green border.

This next one is a denim and flannel blanket I'm making for Bruce. I made one for my Brother and for a friend a few years back, and Bruce has been wanting one of his very own. It is made from old jeans, rather than bought denim and I had to break down and buy the flannel. The one I made for my brother was from old flannel shirts and pajamas.  I have to count the pieces, but I think I am still short of having all of what I need to make the blanket.  I know I have the denim. I have TONS of jeans from friends and family. It is just time consuming cutting them all.  It's called the Lazy Denim Quilt by Bonnie B Buttons.

It's a super easy (after the cutting) blanket to make. No batting needed and no quilting. It is also, quite heavy.  I would highly recommend a pair of these for snipping all the fringed parts.
 I did the first one with regular scissors and it was a painful and unpleasant experience.
 Here is the one I made for my brother. 

Here's the one I made for my friend, fellow Dal lover, and dog rescuer. 
Did you notice the green paint? those are his actual jeans he gave me to use, so I thought using some with the stains and paint gave it more character.  Now you may resume your oohing an ahhing over the dogs.

 On a sad note, my cat, Bob,f is missing since Monday night. He is the only indoor/outdoor cat of my bunch. That's how he came to me and despite my best efforts to convert him to indoor only, he refuses to use the litter box and will scream and claw at the doorknob to be let out. Or he will wait until he hears someone coming and and bolt out like a flash. I've posted signs, ads online, and done all the other things one should do to try and reclaim their beloved furry friends in a well populated area.  I'm still hoping he'll come home. I imagine he's charmed some other sucker into feeding him and maybe they took him in, assuming he's homeless, rather than the roaming rat killer that he truly is. I have never been fond of his non-returnable, and less than romantic offerings, but I would be a happy girl to find a decapitated rat in the yard in the morning.

 Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy