Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stitching a tail

This past Saturday was fantastic.  We went scalloping and had one of our best trips ever. The weather and water were perfect, the company was fun and we limited out on scallops! Here I am with some of the ones I collected.

Sunday was a day of getting things done. We cleaned the scallops and I did some chores. We visited some friends and the puppies they're fostering. 10 adorable fur balls and their sweet mommy.

I decided to postpone the last few chores I had intended to do, and workk a little on my niece's quilt. I got all of the white cut, but am a little annoyed at myself for misreading the quantity of the blues and purples that I needed to cut. So there is still much to cut and sew (and possibly buy). Since funds are extremely tight right now, it may have to wait for a bit.

I had a bad head ache and neck ache, so I took the day off and slept it off.

Meanwhile, I have started a new black work project the other day. It's a little bigger than the last one. Here's where I'm at now.

 And here's my favorite stitching buddy, Oliver

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy

Friday, August 2, 2013

Great Giveaway!

 First of all, TGIF!

 What a wonderful surprise I got when I checked out one of my favorite blogs today.  The absolutely fabulous, Barbara, over at Cat Patches is having a

Just-for-the-Fun-of-it Barn Quilt Giveaway!!

She's giving away a 12" x 12" Barn Quilt, just click on the link above, or here and follow her ridiculously simple instructions to have a chance to win.  It is only open to U.S. readers, due to shipping costs. 

Here's the one I want, if I win!


Good Luck if you enter her giveaway!

And Thanks Barbara for being so awesome!

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hot Streak

I'm back! It's been a while, but I didn't want to miss out on this month's
 NewFO Party over at Cat Patches!


 I have been pretty busy, so I'll just get right to it!  
First, I took a class at the end of June at my favorite LQS, Country Quilts and Bears, with my Sister-In-Law. She had never used a sewing machine, so it was fun to share the craft and knowledge with her. The quilt is called "Color Splash", and is made from a package of charm squares and a solid fabric.  Actually it will be two quilts, a big one and a small one. The small one is made from the scraps of the first. Pretty cool!
Here are a few of the big squares laid out. I think there were 64 in all, so I will have much arranging to do, sometime in the future. The photo makes the fabrics look darker than they truly are. The main fabric is a bright green.

Here are the leftovers that will be made into a smaller quilt. 

 Back in May, I signed up for my very first Quilting Bee. My friend was telling me about how she had done it several times and maybe I would like it. As if I needed another project! Ha! It actually was enjoyable, as all sewing and quilting should be! Well, that is after it took me a month to decide which block I was going to make.  The way the Bee works is that each of the 7 "Bees" in your Hive share which 3 colors they would like in their block and their fabric likes and dislikes. Then each Bee is free to make what ever block they want, the same block for all six fellow bees, in the colors they asked for. You have 3 months to make them and there is a deadline for everyone to mail their blocks out.  I started off with over 50 blocks patterns and it took me over a month to finally pick the one I wanted to make. I actually went out and bought all the fabrics before I even had the block picked out. One of the bees asked for "rainbow colors, in order", which at first made the task of choosing the block extremely daunting. Finally, I had a breakthrough and here is what I ended up making. It is called a Dutch Rose (click the name for a link to the free pattern)


These are the blocks I received. My colors were Bright Green and Pink. Pretty aren't they?

I also started a quilt for my niece.  I have promised her and her two brothers that I would make them each one, and now I'm on my way to fulfilling that promise. She's kind of a tomboy and her favorite colors are blues and purples and black.  I just went with the blues and purples.

 The pattern I'm making is Hugs & Kisses by Jaybird Quilts and can be found here 
Here's their version, just to give you an idea of what's coming. 

I've been neglecting my cross-stitching for a while, and I've been missing it, so I started (and finished) my first Black work project. 

Oops! When I first drafted this post, I accidentally posted the above picture, which is actually the back of the piece. I decided to leave it up, just to show you how proud I am that I kept the back pretty tidy. Hiding tails in a cross-stitch isn't very difficult (well, I've been doing it for over 20 years), but this was new to me and I gave myself a little "atta girl" for my efforts. I still have to wash it and iron it, and frame it.  

 That's all for the crafty stuff.  In other news, Bruce made these adorable little awnings for the front of the house. We get full afternoon sun and with the old windows, it gets mighty warm. The window on the left, is my cat / craft / office space. I can testify that the awnings have cooled it down and kept me from having to close the blinds and hang curtains over them to keep the temperature and glare down when I'm sewing after work. And they added some much needed character to the front of the house. It still needs some fresh paint and landscaping. One thing at a time!

 A few months back, I went to my first ever Green Thumb Festival. Apparently it's been going on for years, and several of my neighbors go every year, but no one bothered to tell me about it! It was actually the wonderful man at the nursery where I bought the flowers for around my Palm tree, who told me about it. I loved it. I purchased three of these adorable "Desert Rose" plants and this one, just got it's first flower! I am very excited about it.

At the Green Thumb Festival, they also gave away free plants. I was given a tiny little thing, and was told it was a "Spider Plant". I potted it a hanging basket and look at it now! I wish I had taken a picture of it when they gave it to me. It was a scrawny little thing with 8 or 10 leaves sticking up. All the rain has got it off to a booming start. I can take the little bunches off the stringers and plant them to propagate it. Very cool, self replicating plant! 

Whew! That was a marathon post! 
Dot says it's time to stop and relax, and who am I to argue with her? 
 I hear my recliner calling my name, and there's a new black work project nearby..... but that's for next month's NewFo post.

  Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy