Friday, March 1, 2013

February NEWFO

Wow, February is over! I know it was a short month, but it seems like it was shorter than short!
 I had a fun trip to Arizona. It was fantastic to see my longtime, good friend and see new things. I have started a post about my trip, but things have been quite busy around here since I got home. We spent the last 3 days battling fleas. Ugh. Dreadful little nuisances. So, I am trying to get this post done in time to participate in the February NewFO by Barbara at Cat Patches

While in Phoenix, Stella and I took a quilting class at a wonderful shop called etc. They are a quilting and scrap-booking store. Stella told me my head would probably explode when I went in and she was almost right! I am sad that I didn't take any pictures while we were there, but I was too busy having fun in the class and then shopping afterward! I am trying to learn to enjoy things I am doing and seeing, instead of just taking a zillion pictures.

It was a nice group of ladies and I think all seven of us completed our quilt tops in class. I've never gotten so much done in one class! We even learned a new trick for basting! Our instructor has an aversion to pinning her quilts together for quilting and introduced us to using the spray adhesive method. I have to say, that I am impressed with it. Since we didn't have quite enough time to do our quilting in class, I rolled and folded up my "sandwich" and put it in my suitcase. Three days later, when I got home and unpacked, it was still "basted" together and looked great! I started to quilt it the other day, but other things needed to be taken care of and I didn't get it finished yet. Here is my fun and useful Arizona vacation souvenir. 

As always, Riley and Oliver (that's his back half on the left), are always ready to inspect and help hold down my projects.

The lighting isn't the best, and the only place I had to take the pictures was on my bed. I will take better pictures when I finish it up this weekend. 

 My other little NewFO is a cute, little cross-stitch kit I picked up at one of the shops we visited in Arizona. I've been working on it a little as I watched TV the past few nights. Normally, I would have had it completed in one night, but with doing all the laundry and re-assembling rooms, and of course, cat wrangling after work, I've been pretty tired by the time I got to sit and sew. 

So that's all for my NewFOs this month! I'm hoping to get a couple of things finished this weekend and then I can start my March NewFOs!

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy


  1. What great projects! I'm not sure I've ever been in a class where anyone completed the quilt top - wow! Sure hope the fleas are under control! ~Jeanne

  2. Love your red-tabbies - must be attracted to the birds on the fabric! And cute stitchery.

  3. Looks like you have two quilt inspectors that are very thorough in their job! Love your little cross stitch. That reminds me, I picked one up last week. :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! your projects are gorgeous too!! I used to do Cross Stitch and still have lots of books and supplies but I'd rather be quilting these days. I do embroidery for hand work. Hope you are having a lovely weekend,
    Cheers from Helen

  5. Did you get to QuiltZ? Or Zoe's Trunk? Or Bernina Connection? Those are my three favorites, now that Quilted Apple is gone. etc. must be new since I was last in the Valley of the Sun. Next time I get there, I'll have to look it up! I love your Phoenix souvenir. =) The cats and I agree it's wonderful and comfy.

  6. Very pretty. I love the colors. Thanks for linking up.