Monday, July 2, 2012

After the storm

We saw quite a bit of wind and rain with Debby, but our area as a whole was spared too much damage. Some flooding in areas nearby, but thankfully it's all gone now and everything is pretty much back to normal. My heart is breaking for those people suffering through the wildfires in Colorado and the storms in the Midwest. 

The winds were pretty crazy and this was a customer's tent that we built and installed a few years ago. It's pretty much toast. Thankfully, none of our rental tents were damaged. Sorry for the black blur on the side. I took this with Bruce's phone and I didn't know I had to turn the clip out of the way.

Despite getting knocked over by wind daily, my Plumeria finally bloomed! I've had this one a few years and this is the first time it's produced flowers.
Bruce made some adjustments to the boat. He's still getting all the little "bugs" worked out so it is set up to his preferences.  We took it for a test drive on Lake Tarpon. We had learned that two Manatees are trapped in the lake after wandering in through a flood gate that was opened during Debby, so we tried to see if we could find them. No luck on that front, but the lake is almost 5 square miles. Here are a few photos of our beautiful weather and the lake. 
Nessie? Is that you?  Ha Ha!! It's just a Cormorant. He was a little far away, even with the zoom.

 An Osprey nest. I thought the tree was interesting.

I love this new camera! It can get wet up to 30ft! Bruce got in the water  for a few minutes and took this shot of the boat. That' s me, trying to avoid having my picture taken.

I was playing with some features on the camera. It can take a black and white photo and highlight only the color you select. Pretty neat! It is funny with Diamond, since she's already black and white, but the carpet is green and there's that hideous yellow and brown linoleum. 

I still have so many features to figure out, but I'm liking this camera more and more!  I've had this camera since my birthday - June 13th and I got the memory card for it on the 15th. So I've been able to take pictures for 17 days and I've already taken 363 pictures..... And several videos. 

One last picture of cute and goofy Riley. He's irresistible!
His expression's and posture crack me up. 

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  1. that's a gorgeous overhead shot of Diamond! Worth printing and framing for sure!