Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday stuff

 This weekend was less productive than I had hoped.  I did finish the ends of the quilting on my niece's quilt yesterday.  I am currently trying to get the blue chalk lines out. Keep your fingers crossed....

Late yesterday afternoon our air conditioning quit working, which kind of sucked what little energy I had out of me. Thankfully, Bruce had a small window unit that we used to get through the night. The thermostat said it was 85 in the rest of the house and man was it sticky! Thankfully, we know an A/C guy and he came out this morning, a Sunday, and fixed the problem. And it was relatively inexpensive and easy. I don't think he was here 15 minutes.

Last Sunday, when I was mowing the lawn, I came across this a few feet out from my neighbors tree. I guess it was blown out of the tree by Debby. It doesn't look like it even got to be used. I thought it was extra cute with the blue plastic embellishment. Sad after all the obvious work some poor bird made, that they never got to use it. I'm thinking it was Mockingbirds, because there is a family that has been nesting in that tree for years. 

I did manage to get some laundry done and gave Diamond a bath. She's a Dalmatian mix, and spots are a given. When she's dry you can see some through her relatively thin coat. 

When she's wet, you can see a lot more tiny spots! 

Oliver decided that since I wasn't using the chair, he would hold it down for me, so it didn't float away.  Isn't he thoughtful?

When Diamond was dry enough, we went outside for a little while. I noticed a large, bright pink, bulb on my neighbor's plant just above the fence. Being the nosy neighbor I am (several of them appreciate my attention and for watching over them and their property), I had to get a closer look. It's about the size of a grapefruit.  Next time they are out, I will try and ask them what it is. I'm also curious to see if it opens up or not. Either way, it's neat looking.  

I see a lot of people post recipes on their blogs. I'll be honest, I don't cook. Not that I can't cook; I used to cook for myself all the time, but now that Bruce is here, he does it.  Here's one of my favorite, easy snacks. Cheese Nachos..  Just need a bag of cheese, or if we have the blocks, I grate it myself. I prefer the Mexican mix. I just sprinkle some on tortilla chips, and put in the microwave for 25 - 30 seconds. Voila!


 Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy

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