Saturday, October 20, 2012

Foto Finish: Orange

 This week's theme for Foto Finish by Cat Patches was Orange. I guess I have to finally admit that I'm a crazy cat lady after all. The first thing I thought of were my two orange cats, Oliver and Lilly.  So here they are!
 First is a picture I absolutely love of Oliver as a kitten. He just looks like the definition of bliss to me!

This picture is of Lilly on top and Oliver when he was a baby. 

 I can't help it, I'm crazy about my cats. And my dogs too for that matter.  I'll be posting about Dal-loween and Diamond's award winning costume as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy


  1. kitties are my favorites.

  2. Oh my, what fun! Ya just can't beat a marmalade tabby!