Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching up part 2 - Noelani's quilt

 I'm trying to get caught up on the things I have been wanting to post. July seemed to get away from me with some family health issues, a funeral and the unexpected house guest. Bruce's cousin, Erik is staying with us. He's a little down on his luck, so we're trying to give him some support and a place to stay while he looks for a job and gets back on his feet.

 I finished my quilt for my niece. This is my first attempt at free motion quilting. I'm pretty pleased with it, for my first try. Upon reflection, I could have done a simpler pattern to start with. Such is not my nature. I always tend to go for the hard stuff right away.  Silly me. The colors are much brighter in person. This was a free pattern that came from Keepsake Quilting when I ordered the 10" fabric squares. (on a side note, they weren't all exactly 10", which was a little disappointing and I had to trim them all to the same size).

You can see the colors a little better here and the binding and back.
It is easier to see the quilting on the back. It was stippling with butterflies.

And bees in the borders, with loops. I was a little ambitious, for a first timer.

Here's my label. I'm always curious as to how much info some people put on their quilts. Mine are considerably basic.

I can't wait to give Noelani her quilt! I hope it's soon. And I have to remember to get pictures! I am looking into making quilts for my other niece and my two nephews as well.  They are in their teens and tweens, so I have asked their mother for their color/theme preferences. I'm hoping I can get them done for Christmas.

In the meantime, I have started something for myself. I saw a quilt displayed at Country Quilts and Bears that had the most adorable fabric. It was intended for children and quilted with numbers, but I asked and the lovely ladies, re-figured the pattern for me and made me a kit for my full size bed! I mean, really, how could I resist these sheep?

Here are the fabrics that were in my "kit".  I have all ready started and am quite far along in the piecing. I just keep forgetting to take pictures. I will try to remember tomorrow after work. 

I'm almost caught up with things that I wanted to post. I think. Tomorrow I may remember something else. I need to stop worrying about being on the computer while Erik is here, since it may be for a little while. Besides, Bruce sits in his recliner and uses his laptop while Erik is sitting in the living room with him. Maybe I'll just take mine to the front room, where I sew, so I won't feel quite so rude.

 I will leave you with two photos of my cute sewing supervisors. They were waiting for me to get to a stopping point, so they could check my progress.....

 After a while of keeping guard at the window, (he will growl if someone walks by) Oliver decided that the denim scrap basket looked comfy too. Baby brother, Riley didn't seem to mind sharing his comfy spot.

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy

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  1. I love when cats snuggle up together! Your blog is adorable and I love seeing all of your finished projects. Also, your free-motion quilting is awesome! I am not brave enough to try it on a big quilt yet but have a small runner that maybe I could "practice" on. :)