Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting caught up

Foto Finish: Show Us Where You Live

As many pictures as I take, apparently I need to take more, so I can be better prepared for future Foto Finishes!  Here's my entry for "Show us where you live".  I took this photo several years ago from behind our shop. There was a small canal, and thankfully this big boy stayed on the other bank. Alligators are quite common in our lakes.

With our house guest here, I haven't been able to get on my computer much, so I'm really behind in my posting.  My brother came down to visit my Dad, who had a mild stroke back in July. Dad's doing ok and seeing lots of doctors to try and figure out the cause.  We took Todd out on the boat for the afternoon. We went out to Egmont Key, just off the coast from Fort Desoto. Here's a few pics from the the trip to island. 
The lighthouse was built in 1858 and is still in use today.

 An Opsrey in it's nest. The pillar is what remains of an old building on the island.
This is one of the Sea Turtle nests that were on the East side of the island. They are endangered and protected. It was good to see so many out there, since the oil spill hit many of the northern nesting sites. The tracks on the sand are from a Gopher Tortoise that live on the island. They are also protected. 
Some kind of hermit crab hole. I liked the way the tracks left a pattern on the sand.

One of the brick roads that still remains.
A Gopher Tortoise. We came across two that day. Both were more interested in eating than having their pictures taken.

My big brother, Todd. In true big brother fashion.  

Thanks for stopping in! ~Amy


  1. Oooh! Cool gator - and glad that he/she was on the other side too! Thanks for taking us along with your brother on your day trip, and I hope your Dad is doing better every day. :D

  2. Wonderful images. That alligator looks menacing.

  3. Great pictures, nice of the gator to pose on the other side so you could get pictures.

  4. Simply amazing photos!! I'd stay away from that far as I could. HAHA Looks like a beautiful island to visit and have so close by. Makes me want to travel!!