Monday, June 25, 2012

Dizzy with Debby

Boy is this Ditzy Debby causing quite a mess around here. Well, thankfully, not here. My poor Plumeria keep getting knocked over and the palm tree has shed some dead stuff, but otherwise, we are doing well. Work has been another story.  I work for a tent rental company. We also make and sell commercial tents, but our main business is rentals. Festivals, weddings, car sales, back yard parties, etc. Miss Debby has kept us hopping the past few days. Yesterday we had to go and take down a tent and tighten down others at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  That is home to Winter the dolphin - The Winter the Dolphin of Dolphin Tale movie fame. Some of our tents are even in the movie (carnival scene).  Here's the view as we crossed the Bayside bridge. This isn't a very long bridge and you can usually see the land on the other side. 

Today was more wind. We're expecting some rain again soon. I'm happy that all my critters have been indoors. I actually just let Bob out for a little bit while it's been sort of calm.  Poor Bob got into a fight with a "strange" cat a few nights back and Saturday his head erupted in a nasty oozing abcess. I've been having to clean it and he has not been the friendliest patient.  It looks much better now, but he will be going to the vet just to be safe. Between the boo boo and the weather, he's been stuck indoors most of the weekend.   

One of my other hobbies is miniatures. The great thing about miniatures is that I can incorporate my other hobbies. I can do miniature cross stitch, quilting and knitting! I hope to be sharing more of them with you soon. I am trying to be good and finish some of my UFO's first. 

I've been thoroughly enjoying a new friend's blog entries about her recent trip to Ireland and the quilt show she attended there. She had some pictures of some miniature quilts and I was reminded of these little quilts I made. This Double Irish Chain pattern, I would love to make in full size for my bed.  It's a little warped, because it's been on a miniatue bed for a few years and the colors are much brighter than they appear.

Here's how it's been displayed for the past few years. 

Here's the other one.  This is called a Seminole quilt. I gave this to a friend at our Miniature Club Christmas party a few years ago.
 I guess I need to get some of my UFO's done so I can play with my miniatures soon!

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