Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend, where did you go?

Ok, the weekend flew by me somehow and I got absolutely nothing accomplished. I don't really count mowing the lawn and laundry as getting things done. I had hoped to work on the "quillow"  (I'll post pics sometime) for Bruce's cousin this weekend and organizing my craft / cat / office space a little.  I did go look at a table that I saw on Craigslist to use for crafting.  It was at a thrift store and looked much better in the picture. I could work with it, you know, a little paint or varnish, but they were asking way to much for it and right now I have no idea what I would do with all the stuff that is currently occupying it's intended destination.  I'm mulling it all over. I'm sure I could negotiate a lower price. 

For whatever reason, a few weeks ago Bruce decided he can't live with our kitchen floor anymore. Not that I blame him. I've owned this home for almost 17 years and am quite sick of seeing the 1970's linoleum myself. We picked out vinyl stick down "tiles" and brought home a single one to see how we liked it. We agreed that it works for us, since we can't afford to update the whole kitchen. Last weekend, with no warning or discussion, Bruce started trying to scrape up the old stuff. Trying is the key word. That stuff is seriously stuck on there. They must have glued every square inch of it. After trying several of the methods we found online, we gave up for the time being. Today he bought a pneumatic scraper. We'll see how that goes. We didn't get to play with it yet. Here's what will be coming out... eventually...  Doesn't this just maky you feel groovy?  Ha ha!


As I was typing that last paragraph, Bob was outside, crying to come in.  Bruce let him in and instantly, Bob threw up. Not a hairball. Not cat food. Seriously EEWWWW! I'll spare you the details. So I cleaned it up with Clorox bleach cleaner.  I come back from putting the yuckiness in the trash and all of the other cats are out, sniffing the spot. Now they are taking turns rolling around on the spot. What is it about bleach that makes them so wacky? It's a similar reaction to catnip. Does anyone else have a cat that does that?  Maybe Bob was letting me know he didn't want the grass cut. I think he enjoys pretending he's a "big cat" in the wild grasses of the plains.