Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

This being sick stuff is getting old.  I have so much stuff I want to do, but I have no energy. Plus there's the coughing and nose blowing and hand washing / sanitizing.... Ugh. And the meds every 4 hours.  I will be calling the doctor in the morning.  The consensus is that I've got a sinus infection.  I've resigned myself to sit in my chair, surrounded by the furbabies and watch the tube or read.  I have my computer and I have some small projects to pick at if I feel so inclined.  Guess I could frog the cross stitch I goofed up.  That is simple and not very labor intensive. Tedious, but sometimes I enjoy that kind of stuff. Color me weird, like that. 

While I was in feeding the cats this morning, I noticed that one of my Plumeria has finally gotten some blooms on it!  I was upset because one of the neighbors down the street had tons of flowers on theirs already a few weeks ago.  I hope that means they will all bloom soon!


I love this perky little Purslane I bought a while back. I wish I had a better landscaper (ha! I AM the landscaper).  My yard is not even worthy of the word "yard", really. It's mainly weeds.  I've been fighting them for years.  Our soil here is very sandy and the sun is quite brutal most of the year. I have not had much success with anything I've planted in the ground. The Plumeria are all in large pots. Plus I drag them all in the garage when we have our rare freeze warnings. 

Thought I'd play with the new camera a little. I was going to take some pictures of my miniatures to post, but decided it was too much work right now. Some of them need to be dusted, some need to have the cases removed so the flash won't reflect, etc.  Anyway, while I was looking them over, Oliver decided he would check out the dollhouse.  It's empty and still waiting to be finished (It's only been a 20+ year project) and some of the cats love sleeping in it. Dot is most often found sleeping in the master bedroom of the dollhouse.