Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally Friday

Well, I survived this week of both a nasty cold and turning 40. The cold was harder to deal with than the birthday. As I type this, my left ear is totally blocked from blowing my nose several hours ago.  Whose silly design was that?  I'm swallowing and making silly faces to try to get it to pop, so far to no avail... Fairly uncomfortable and quite annoying.  Other than that, I am feeling much better today than I have all week.  Today was the first day I didn't go straight to bed when I got home. Even on my birthday, I had to sleep a couple of hours before we went to dinner. Tonight, I came home, danced around a bit (literally), to songs like "Twist Again" and  "Runaround Sue". Bruce was streaming Pandora through the surround sound. He was also laughing at me as I danced around with Riley hugged to my chest. Bruce said he would laugh if the poor cat threw up.  Thankfully, there was no vomiting, only purring.  Then I tackled some laundry and cleaning off the kitchen table. It had become a small mountain of paperwork, unopened mail (Bruce's) and various random dropped items. Then I took some pictures with my new camera!

Rather than getting out my old camera and taking a picture of the new camera (didn't want to hurt it's feelings about being replaced), I borrowed a picture from the internet.  Bruce did apologize for it not being green (my favorite color), but they don't come in green, so this is pretty cool too.  It has all kinds of new features for me to figure out.  I've sort of figured out the Pet "scene" function. It actually frames their face and takes the picture when it thinks they are ready. So far I've only gotten blurry images, but then again, the subjects weren't exactly cooperative.

My friend, Kelly, made me this lovely "Triple Twist Bracelet" from a post on Pinterest. Notice, it's mainly shades of green.   :) Of all my hobbies, I have not really ventured into jewelry making, but I really like this bracelet and might give it a try. Kelly and Gary also made a donation to the Humane Society for my birthday present. How thoughtful is that?!

Since I got sick on Sunday and have been pretty much useless all week, we never got any further with the kitchen floor. This weekend, since I'm feeling better, I will try out the new tool we got last weekend. Hopefully we'll get further than last time. I had become accustomed to the funky flooring, but I don't think I can live with this for long.


 About a week ago, when Bruce went to the boat store to look at some new electronic fish finder, bottom scanning gizmo for the boat, I took a detour next door to Pier 1. I can only stand there listening to Bruce and the salesman speak boat computer stuff for so long. Anyway, I found these two cuties, at a fairly reasonable price, so I adopted them. I just need to figure out place for the dog in my already overly cluttered abode, and which plant to put in the cat. I have several prospects that need re-potting, but I haven't decided yet.